Our course will give you the opportunity to improve your skills. We will focus on the use of English in commercial law, with particular emphasis on the areas of company law and contracts. Cambridge’s methodology is the most effective tool for the market for legal English training. This “go to” solution makes you dive into authentic legal texts and real case studies. Our most popular offer so far.

We give our customers a deeper understanding of legal English in specialized areas. After an in-depth assessment of your needs and goals, Legal Lingua develops an effective and high quality program made just for you. You will be able to get a competitive edge in international legal environments.

This course will take you beyond the theoretical learning of Legal English to the practical application of these skills in professional tasks. Our Legal Skills Program focuses on your daily work and situations such as customer interviews, negotiating, presentations, drafting correspondence and legal documents.

As an international lawyer, you need to be confident that your agreements are accurate, clear and concise when you draft commercial agreements in English. We will help you gain control of contract concepts and use the correct legal terminology. This course offers extensive practice drafting and revising clauses in international agreements. 

Our Legal Writing Skills course focuses on what you need to know to be more efficient as an international legal professional. You will learn and practice writing emails, letters, memos, reports and more. The course encourages input from the participants to discuss the problems they face in their writing so that they can master the principles of writing clearly, concisely and accurately in order to save time.

Misunderstanding is common in negotiations. Our class will make you feel more comfortable negotiating in English. You will master the subtleties of the “English” language of negotiation. This course is based on the principles of “Win-Win” negotiation and will emphasize definition of the issues, how to gain leverage, practice questioning and paraphrasing, and preparing for misunderstandings.

Being an international lawyer, you will encounter a lot of situations requiring you to speak on the spot. Whether you are pitching your law firm to a client, giving a presentation, answering tough questions or making an oral argument, we will take you to the highest level of oral communication and comfort. This huge competitive advantage is taught in our Advanced Oral English class where participants will have the opportunity to go beyond the basics in oral communication.

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