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All our courses are tailor-made and are completely adaptable
to what you and your team want to learn.
We offer total flexibility because we know that’s what lawyers
need. We prioritize your preferences; therefore, we offer courses
both online and offline. We adapt to your schedule and needs.

  •    15 hours of training
  •    No coursebook required
  •    Discount rates for groups of 5+
  •    Certificate after completion
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• Understand the Anglo-Saxon terminology of contracts: contracts and deeds, express and implied terms, warranties and guarantees, damages and liquidated damages
• Acquire knowledge on the main structure and clauses of international contracts
• Use the adequate verbs to create clear legal rights and obligations
• Recognise drafting ambiguities to effectively re-draft poorly written clauses
• Practice drafting contractual clauses in a clear and efficient manner
• Draft effective standard clauses that can be used across the organisation to manage exposure to legal risk
• Understand the principles of using plain English within your contract to reduce uncertainty
• Focus on agreement structure, linguistic clarity and accuracy to draft with confidence
• Discover how to avoid over-complex sentences and structures to limit the risk of dispute
• Liability risk protection including indemnities, exclusion and limitation of liability clauses
• Remedial clauses and damages
• Force majeure
• Termination
• Boilerplate clauses

  •    15 hours of training
  •    No coursebook required
  •    Discount rates for groups of 5+
  •    Certificate after completion.
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• Vocabulary and expressions for negotiation
• Understand and use negotiation Idioms
• Negotiation techniques: „Win-Win“
• Define objectives, ask questions and rephrase, paraphrase, speak persuasively, object, respond to objections, interrupt
• Make an offer, correctly use conditional tenses
• Express agreement or disagreement
• Ensure interlocutor’s understanding: confirm agreement, avoid misunderstandings
• Practice: Role-playing, practicing specific negotiation techniques
• How to break the deadlock
• Close the negotiation

  •    Flexible course duration 
  •    Tailor-made syllabus
  •    No coursebook needed!
  •    Certificate after completion
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Your objectives are our objectives. This is our specialty. Are you aiming for a quick and efficient improvement of your oral expression?  Do you need to speak in public to international interlocutors? We are here to help prepare you. A native legal English speaking lawyer will accompany you in all your legal English needs – whether it is preparing for a meeting, negotiations, defending your clients, or drafting a commercial lease in English. Our one-to-one coaching is specifically tailored to meet your needs. 

  •    21 hours of training
  •    Suitable for beginners
  •    Comprehensive program 
  •    Coursebook provided 
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This introductory course will develop your English language skills in a legal context. It is a comprehensive program that includes:

  • Vocabulary and Syntax: Company Law, Commercial Law, Contract Law, Tort Law, Criminal Law, Real Property Law, Litigation / Arbitration, International Law and Comparative Law
  • Reading: Authentic legal texts including articles, legislation and legal correspondence
  • Writing: Clear, concise, and precise letters, e-mails, and memorandum
  • Listening: Listening comprehension of native English speakers in discussions, presentations and negotiations
  • Speaking: Discussions, interviews, and role plays
  •    15 hours of training
  •    No coursebook required
  •    Discount rates for groups of 5+
  •    Certificate after completion 
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Draft legal texts and notes, contracts, e-mails, correspondence and memorandums for colleagues and and clients. Learn the top ten strategies to improve your legal writing. This course covers style, syntax, vocabulary and the use of standard legal phrases in today’ legal English style. We emphasize “Plain English” and teach you how to implement it in practical exercises.

Are you ready to improve your Legal English? Get in touch with us today and we will customize a program that fits your needs.