Our Vision:

Our mission is to empower lawyers with practical and authentic legal English language instruction that will directly impact their ability to provide high quality legal services in a global environment. To do so, we help lawyers perfect and polish their legal English one word at a time. We do this by offering the broadest range of personalized training taught by native English speaking lawyer / linguists.


In 2005, Stephanie began working as an American and British Law Lecturer at the University of Paris II – Assas. Falling in love with teaching, she decided she wanted to teach more and placed an advertisement in the Gazette du Palais to teach lawyers in Paris, France. Stephanie started receiving lawyers and jurists at her apartment to teach them about communicating in English. After one year, her clients asked her to create a company so that she could diversify her offerings. Legal Lingua was formed in 2006 to offer high quality legal English instruction to companies and law firms. Legal Lingua’s team is composed of native English speaking lawyers.


Founder and CEO: Stephanie Schantz

Legal Lingua founder, Stephanie Schantz, is an American lawyer with over 10 years experience in international corporate private practice. Inspired by her passion for law and education, Stephanie launched Legal Lingua in 2006 to provide a solution for non-native English speaking lawyers to polish and perfect their legal English.

Stephanie received her JD from the University of Wisconsin Law School and a BA in government from Franklin and Marshall College. Additionally, she studied at Sciences Po and La Sorbonne. Stephanie is a member of the California Bar Association. She served on the Board of Directors of the European Legal English Teachers Association (EULETA) from 2012-2014.

Stephanie has lectured on legal English, the British and American legal systems, US Business Law, International Business Law, Corporate Governance and Entrepreneurship at SKEMA Business School, Duke University Law School, NYU Law School, Sciences Po, the University of Paris II (Pantheon -Assas), and University of Delaware.

Due to a significant increase in our activities, we are now accepting consultants on our team.


If you are interested in joining us, please submit your resume here:    [email protected]

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